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Lindsay Davis Sep 30, 2021 3 min read

Atomic + Bond: Building the Financial Highways of the Future

Bond and Atomic recently announced our partnership to bring the world of embedded finance and payroll connectivity together. By modernizing financial infrastructure, we aim to reduce the complexity for developers to get up and running faster.

We joined Bond on their Interchange podcast to unpack why fintech is ripe for embedded payroll connectivity and what the combination of our technologies mean for the financial services industry.

Below, we highlight a few takeaways from the partnership announcement.

You can find Interchange on the Bond website,Spotify, Apple or your favorite podcast platform.

Why fintech is ripe embedded payroll connectivity?

The infrastructure to just get an idea from the proverbial “napkin” stage to a working minimum viable product (MVP) is still extremely complex. If you’re building a product and thinking about integrating with a bancorp or getting a charter, there are a lot of regulatory and financial hurdles to go through.

At Atomic, we aim to reduce the complexity for developers and product teams to get up in running in hours, instead of months. We believe freeing up customer’s resources will be an essential catalyst for the next generation of fintech companies that are going to come to market and solve the unaddressed opportunities in financial services.

How partnering will unlock the next-generation of fintech?

Today, we streamline access to payroll connectivity with Atomic’s Transact SDK, a UI designed to securely handle interactions with our products, while performing the heavy-lifting of integration. By partnering with Bond and embedded finance partners, we can eliminate additional time to find, sign, and maintain separate partner’s integrations.

The financial infrastructure of the future

Our partnership is about bringing greater efficiency to customers. Using the metaphor of physical infrastructure, Bond is building the highway infrastructure by providing all the pieces of embedded financial products (KYC, Card Issuance, Bank Partner, Transaction Monitoring, etc.) on one superhighway; Atomic’s suite of payroll solutions are providing the on and off ramps. Together, we’re building the financial infrastructure of the future.

By simplifying integrations with new financial infrastructure, customers can focus on building products that solve unaddressed financial pain-points such as helping consumers avoid overdraft fees with free financial accounts, build a credit profile with multiple income streams, and empower access to fairer financial services in ways we have not imagined.

Looking to partner?

If you’re looking to learn more about partnering with Atomic or working with us through an existing partner, sign-up for a demo and our partnerships team will reach out.

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