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Verify data directly with Atomic’s EmployerLink

The connectivity solution you need to access payroll and benefit data across 200+ integrations through a single API.

Atomic EmployerLink
uses employer permissioned access into payroll and HRIS systems to read and update data in real-time.

Why companies love partnering with Atomic​


Atomic completes thousands of connections every day with proven ability to support growing traffic.

Machine Learning

Atomic utilizes machine learning to constantly refine our technology to improve conversion.

Low-code Solution

Designed by developers for developers. Implement Atomic in hours and days, not weeks and months.

Consumer and Employer Access

Connect with either consumer or employer permissioned data access.


Proprietary software that creates a direct connection between the user’s device and the payroll system.

Read and Write Data

Real-time access to read and write company wide and individual payroll, benefits and HRIS data.

"We're excited to work with Atomic to advance our commitment to developing best-in-class employee financial wellness benefits. Atomic's EmployerLink solutions suite enables us to provide a frictionless experience for our clients, further powering Seedwell to lead in personal finance automation and wealth building for employees."

Swetha Kulandaivelan, Product Manager at Seedwell

How it works

If you can dream it, we can connect it. Atomic seamlessly provides the access you need to push and pull any data between two systems. Don’t see your use case highlighted? Contact us today and we will see if it makes sense to partner together for your connectivity needs.


With Atomic's employer permissioned access, insurance providers gain insight into real-time employee and employer data. Enabling them to improve data aggregation, present favorable policy quotes, reduce operating costs, and enable pay-as-you-go workers' compensation models.


Simplify payouts and commission reconciliation through a direct integration between commission tracking software and payroll systems. Batch create commissions payouts with one click. Once paid, reconcile payments back to deals to give employees the ultimate transparency to how commissions were calculated. ​

Earned Wage Access

Admin enabled earned wage access solutions will allow rapid employer onboarding through our developer-friendly SDK and wide coverage of payroll integrations to improve conversion rates with credential-less verification.​

+ More

  • Time and Attendance
  • Benefits
  • Expense Management
  • Commercial Lending
  • Performance Management
  • Recruiting
  • And even more

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