How does our deposit product work?

Atomic’s deposit product is a scalable solution that allows customers to change direct deposit quickly and securely. This increases the quality of customer deposits without slowing growth, compromising on security, or data integrity.

The issue with acquiring direct deposits

Fintech companies and financial institutions need a consistent supply of customer deposits to operate but acquiring direct deposits is highly fragmented and met with non-specialized solutions. 

For most consumers, the paycheck drives deposits but they have limited control on when, where, and how often funds are deposited. 

There are also artificial barriers that physically derail the process to update payroll systems causing conversions to a linked account to drop-off.

The benefits of Atomic’s deposit product that enables users to change direct deposit 


Specializing in payroll allows deposit to be dropped into your onboarding flow where consumer intent to change direct deposit is strongest. 

Direct integration adds trust to the customer experience because the interface is customizable with your brand’s identity while our searchable database of employers and payroll providers gives them full control over the authentication process. 

Built-in nurturing keeps your customer engaged by aligning expectations to account for multiple points of authentication, resetting forgotten security credentials, and a human-assisted model takes over if automation isn’t available.


Behind Atomic’s clean interface is an interconnected map of thousands of permutations of employer and payroll provider relationships which simplifies the navigation of either. 

Coverage compounds with each direct, verify, and identify event that improves the depth of our database coverage and widens with our customer’s needs. 


By using payroll connectors, deposit removes artificial barriers that limit customers who want to change direct deposit and increase successful links between customer’s direct deposit and accounts. 

By updating change direct deposit instructions directly with the payroll provider, customers can start receiving funds by their next payday, depending on the pay period and pay cycle, data that our identify and verify products provide.

Who can use our change direct deposit product?

Atomic deposit works with companies in the digital banking space including challenger banks or neobanks and traditional financial institutions. 

Today, customers using deposit have seen an increase in the percentage of customers initiating change direct deposit updates, higher conversion rates to linked accounts, and stronger active usage.

Customers use deposit in combination with verify to support a multi-line strategy.

Companies with a checking or savings account can leverage verification of employment to confirm the consumer has a paycheck coming and offer early access to deposits ahead of payday to incentivize direct deposit switching. 

They may also use deposits with a partner financial institutions as a wedge into lending and use verification of income to offer short-term liquidity to customers in-between paycycles or underwrite loans.

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