How do different companies use Atomic’s products?

Lending apps use Atomic’s infrastructure to access payroll data to carry out employment verification and income verification in order to provide consumers with a better loan while reducing the risk of fraud. Users simply connect their payroll account to the app and their verified payroll data is quickly and securely provided.

Customers can use direct deposit switching to gain advance access to their paycheck, while users of partial direct deposit from payroll systems to provide security to lenders and as a result give customers a better rate on their loans.

Investment apps use Atomic to carry out payroll verification in order to maximize investment opportunities in 401K match plans. Verified, real-time payroll data is provided securely to the investment app in order to carry out the payroll verification process.

Finally, mortgage apps can use our infrastructure to carry out employment and payroll verification to create a quicker, more efficient and more secure lending process.

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