How does the identify product work?

Atomic’s identify product allows users to connect their payroll account to your application, providing you with verified employment and income data directly from their employer.

This in turn helps you to reduce fraud and friction to onboard and cross-sell new and existing customers.

The need for employment verification

Consumers may provide inaccurate information about themselves, accidently or fraudulently, while applying for your products and services.

Manual verification processes expose you to risk because there are no secondary controls to prevent human errors or fraud.

Data aggregated from a financial institution may be incomplete because, outside of the customer’s name, fields are nullable.

The benefits of Atomic’s identify product


Connecting directly to payroll provider is more credible, relative to third parties’, when carrying out identity verification because employers are a trusted and independent source of data used for employee or income verification.


Financial institutions only guarantee that aggregators return the name field, while others are nullable. In contrast, payroll connectors typically return name, phone number, address, email, and birthday, at a minimum.


Atomic’s database coverage includes W-2 and 1099 employers mapped to the respective payroll providers. This creates dual coverage with an interchangeable experience for your customer.

Our coverage also includes state unemployment systems to protect your customers against employment volatility and, like the nature of work, will evolve with customer demand.

Applications vary by vertical and industry. However, they broadly include improving data quality for background screenings, complying with regulatory requirements, and decreasing consumer’s drop-off rates.

The companies we partner with in the benefits and lending industries use verify to improve participation rates in employer-sponsored contribution plans.

In combination with Atomic’s verify product, companies can digitally capture income verification and employee verification to underwrite short-term wage advances.

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