How does our verify product work?

Atomic’s verify product is your digital back office for income verification and employee verification procedures that free you up to focus on the front-end customer experience.

The issue with employee verification and income verification

Consumers have to submit documents for employee verification and income verification checks in order to qualify for various financial products.

While paystubs and W-2s are easy to request from employers, you won’t know if the consumer has access to an employee self-service portal or what data is permissioned by the employer.

If digital copies of the documents needed for income and employee verification are available, they are often siloed at each organization. This creates a bottle-neck at every step of the journey that requires customer data.

Data aggregation has resulted in streamlined access to bank account information. However, it may not account for real-time employment status and earnings, and other fields that cannot be updated until the next payroll cycle.

The benefits of Atomic’s verify product

Alongside our identify product, verify works in the following ways.


Atomic’s income and employee verification is fully transparent.

Our sandbox environment allows you to test product coverage of employers and payroll providers and provides upfront validation on whether or not an income or employee verification task can be completed.

Depending on the payroll provider and employer, income verification data typically includes gross pay, net pay, payment method and PDF copies of paystubs.

Employee verification data includes income, employee status, employee type (including gig workers), and PDF statements.

For the complete list of data attributes visit our API docs.


Through payroll connectors, our income and employee verification product can tell you in real-time if your customer is still employed, when their next paycheck is coming, and how many hours have been worked since the last pay cycle.


After successfully authenticating with their payroll provider, your customer is always in control of the data being used for income and employee verification.

The companies we partner with in the lending space use real-time employee verification data to determine employment status. This is critical for short-term lending for income smoothing products and accessing cash in between paychecks.

Data aggregators that pull data from a primary financial institution cannot see real-time employment statuses, missing additional risk of default if the consumer has left or been let go from their job, impacting the consumer’s likelihood of repaying.

Paired with Atomic’s deposit product, companies can conduct income verification and employee verification to open a new account and route direct deposit details to fund the account.

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