How long does employment verification take?

Employment verification is a step taken by a service provider in order to reduce risk within the service. This could be a landlord renting a home, a mortgage or auto lender, or even a new employer.

Employment verification can take as little as one day when everything goes as planned, but up to a week when things get a bit more complicated.

What causes employment verification delays?

Traditional methods of employment verification are done manually and are therefore subject to human error and other people’s time frames.

Delays can come in the form of wrong or missing information, the company may no longer be in business, the Human Resource department could be unresponsive, or the employer could be in a different State with different privacy laws.

Sometimes employers can be reluctant to share information they are not required by state law to disclose. They’re being careful not to create a potential lawsuit from an employee who did not want their information shared.

All of these hurdles can create friction for the consumer trying to access services. Days of employment verification delays could potentially cause someone to miss out on the new apartment, new car or new job.

How can Atomic help with employment verification?

Atomic’s API capabilities enable service providers, such as banks or lenders , to carry out employment verification in real time in a seamless, secure manner. This allows those service providers to assess qualification and mitigate potential fraud early in the process.

It also automates the employment verification process and reduces delays, as the data is accurate and up-to-date, enabling service providers to focus on providing a great service to their customers.

If you’d like to hear more about how Atomic can make employment verification easy for your business, feel free to get in touch and request a demo .