Friction, inconvenience, and human-error prevent users from transitioning their credit card and loan balances between financial institutions, even when substantial savings are at stake.

Industries: Banking


Atomic provides an automated, and entirely digital process for user’s to transfer their balance to a new financial institution, with only information they would typically have on-hand.



​Convenient: ​​​Data required to complete a transfer is minimal and easy to gather.


​reduce Errors: ​​​Atomic achieves industry leading success rates direct integrations with payroll providers.


​In-branch, or not: ​​​Reach new levels of reach on balance transfer programs with both a digital, and in-person solution.

we’re committed
 to security.

Security is essential to Atomic’s mission. Atomic regularly undergoes external security audits. Only strong TLS protocols are used, ensuring encrypted transmission of data. Our team has built some of the most secure banking systems in the industry. Security is in our DNA.

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