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The problems Benefits solves

Benefits providers need access to the most current payroll data to verify employee eligibility and process benefit deductions. However, developing direct connections to each HRIS and payroll system is labor-intensive, and non-scalable.

Connect benefits provider to HRIS
Verify data in real-time
Set benefit payroll deductions

Our solution

Atomic allows access to employee eligibility through real-time payroll data. Use Atomic to write back to the payroll system benefit information and redirect the correct deduction amounts to the correct benefit streams.

Customer benefits

A complete solution to fuel your benefits program at scale

Speed of Onboarding

With a fully integrated data connectivity solution to the HRIS system, new employers will be up and running quickly with your benefits systems. During the onboarding process, the employer connects to their HRIS system directly through Atomic’s EmployerLink solution. No custom coding or integration building is required.

Streamlined Data Transfer

Once a direct connection is established from your benefits solution to the employer HRIS through Atomic, data can be read and updated in real-time. Allow employees to make benefits adjustments and have the changes go into effect by the next pay cycle - all without a single csv file.

Limitless Benefit Types

Move beyond traditional one-size-fits-all benefits by having the data you need to offer health, education, career, wealth, recreation, retirement, investing and overall life benefits.

Scalable Solution

Building one-off integrations to HRIS systems is time-consuming and resource intensive. Leverage Atomic EmployerLink with market-leading coverage to all of the top US HRIS and payroll systems.

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