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The problems Compensation solves

Commission and compensation payouts are labor and time intensive. The supporting data for commissions is often housed in a CRM system or a commission tracking system, however getting that data to the payroll system for payout is often manual.

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Our solution

With streamlined, automated integration between commission tracking software and payroll systems, take the burden out of payouts and reconciliation. Companies can create commission batch payments with a single click for total transparency on how commissions are calculated – empowering employees to easily follow every dollar earned.

Customer benefits

Implement a scalable, low-code, compensation and commission payment system.


We provide instant access to our comprehensive network of payroll providers, eliminating the need for costly and time-consuming relationship building.


By reconciling payments back to deals and activities directly in the CRM or commissions tracking system, employees receive ultimate transparency into how commissions were calculated. Allow sales employees to see directly which activities increase their commissions to increase productivity.

Direct Integration

Through a direct connection between the CRM and the payroll system, commission and compensation amounts can be updated and paid to employees automatically. Insight into all data in one place allows for quick review and verification of all compensation owed.

Performance Management

Connect performance management systems directly to the HRIS to track and update employee performance. Implement performance gamification by offering incentives based on activity and objectives.

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