Earned Wage Access

Payroll connectivity to fuel Earned Wage Access programs

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The problems Earned Wage Access solves

Offering access to earned but unpaid wages can significantly help the most financially vulnerable. However existing methods of offering Earned Wage Access require building one-off integrations to single HRIS and time and attendance platforms. Other options include labor-intensive and non-secure methods of sharing spreadsheets.

Connect EWA solution to HRIS
Gather payroll data in real-time
Enable EWA payouts

Our solution

Atomic’s EmployerLink accelerates the way businesses access and manage their data with automated data syncing between Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS), time and attendance, and their software. Atomic’s EmployerLink allows rapid employer onboarding through our developer-friendly SDK and wide coverage of payroll integrations to improve conversion rates with credential-less verification.

Customer benefits

Implement a fully automated solution to go to market faster, scale larger, and retain EWA relationships.

Faster go-to-market

Save time and money while getting your EWA product to market quickly and securely with Atomic’s EmployerLink. Our solution provides a convenient interface that makes it easy for employers to access all the features they need, without having to set up complicated software infrastructure. We take care of the technology heavy lifting so you can stay focused on running your business.


Atomic's EmployerLink provides a powerful and scalable solution that eliminates the need for employers to build relationships with each payroll provider. EmployerLink’s unique technology allows for instant access across its entire network, allowing employers to quickly and conveniently expand their employee wellness programs by providing messaging to all company employees.


Say goodbye to tedious spreadsheets and one-off transmissions of files; continuous access ensures that you always have the most up-to-date information. Gain visibility into the entire employee experience from clocking in to knowing when their shift is over. With Atomic's EmployerLink, organizations can bid farewell to outdated processes while gaining real-time access to employee data.

Retain relationships

With Atomic you can establish a relationship with the end consumer, and maintain that relationship even if they move jobs. Through a combination of our EmployerLink and UserLink solutions you can select which authentication method is best for your specific needs.

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