Workers’ Compensation

Enable pay-as-you-go workers’ compensation solutions

Simplify auditsFully automatedPay-as-you-goReduce fraudPayroll connectedFast quoting

The problems EmployerLink solves

Paying for workers’ comp insurance can be a hefty burden on any business, with premiums often calculated from estimated payrolls, not actuals.

Year-end audits can leave employers in difficult financial situations and insurance carriers struggling to collect. However, enabling a better workers’ compensation system requires better access to payroll data that is often only available with sporadic spreadsheet sends.

Connect directly to the HRIS
Analyze current payroll classifications
Adjust premiums monthly based on real data

Our solution

With Atomic’s EmployerLink solution, seamlessly enable pay-as-you-go workers’ compensation solutions with an automatic system to validate employment and income data directly from payroll or HRIS systems.

Expand your target audience by offering these high-tech solutions to all business sizes allowing them better to predict their current and future workers’ compensation premiums. Insurance carriers and risk assessors can take advantage of more consistent and predictable cash flows. 

Customer benefits

Implement a fully automated solution to reduce risk, improve quoting and unlock new solutions.

Reduce risk

Write policies and set premiums based on actual payroll data, not projections. All data is gathered directly from the HRIS system, reducing the risk of fraudulent paperwork. Simplify end-of-year audit collection efforts by accurately monitoring policyholders throughout the year and adjusting premiums accordingly.

Enable pay-as-you-go

With EmployerLink you can enable a pay-as-you-go workers’ compensation model without needing to build integrations into each payroll provider and HRIS system. Atomic allows you to connect to over 480 payroll providers through one single connection.

Quick and accurate quoting

Atomic helps insurers turnaround quotes in days, not weeks. No more waiting for a prospective client to fill out the necessary forms and spreadsheets to prepare a quote. Instead, the client can permit access to their HRIS system right through your quoting tool to allow access to their most current payroll data for you to provide a quick and accurate quote.

Fully automated

EmployerLink provides automated data synchronization between your HRIS, Payroll and Insurance Carrier. This dramatically reduces manual effort for both the carrier and the employer – so you can focus on running your business.

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