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The problems PayLink solves

Consumers can be subject to fees, penalties or suspended services if they fail to make recurring payments on time, even by mistake. And putting automatic payments on credit cards incurs interest and hidden costs.

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Our solution

Atomic’s PayLink solution enables consumers to set up automatic payments directly from their paycheck with fractional deposits. Consumers are provided the peace of mind by ‘setting it and forgetting it’.

Our customers see a reduction in risk by receiving the loan repayment directly from the funding source, and are thereby able to lend to a larger pool of applicants.

Customer benefits

Remove the friction, manual processes, and risk of errors or fraud, among other features

Higher retention

Increase customer retention by providing services to a greater breadth of consumers. Lower the cost for customers to obtain financing without high interest rates, hidden fees and late penalties.

Mitigate risk

Reduce repayment default risk through a primary source of funding. Instead of waiting for customers to make a payment, the loan becomes first in line when payday arrives.

Cutting-edge technology

Stay ahead of the competition by providing novel financing and repayment options. When shopping for service providers consumers are looking for ease, affordability and convenience.


By securing a low risk repayment option through Atomic’s Paylink solution, lending to customers with no credit or poor credit becomes possible. Help your consumers access financial tools without high interest loans or credit cards.

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