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The problems Earn solves

Today, the traditional pay cycle does not always align with bill pay, putting millions of consumers at risk of incurring overdraft fees or interest for missing a bill in between pay periods.

The market has seen a bevy of new entrants offering Earned Wage Access (EWA) as an employer benefit and direct-to-consumer income smoothing advances. However, none have tailored their offering for financial institutions. Further, many look to challenge traditional financial institutions for account primacy.

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Our solution

With Atomic’s UserLink solutions, financial institutions and fintech firms can enable customers to unlock paycheck liquidity by tapping earned but unpaid wages ahead of their employers’ pay cycles, similar to EWA products.

With our EmployerLink solutions, EWA providers can quickly augment their coverage of payroll and HR systems and employers can extend EWA benefits programs to all workers.

Customer benefits

Remove the friction, manual processes, and risk of errors or fraud, among other features

Paycheck liquidity

Address consumers' immediate needs when they experience an unexpected expense between paychecks. By partnering with Atomic's technology, you can provide your customers with convenience and security while unlocking paycheck liquidity when they need it most.

Competitive advantage

As our economy shifts and the world moves forward, we’re seeing a bevy of new EWA offerings in the market. Keep ahead of the competition with Atomic’s solution to meet the financial needs of your customers before their next paycheck.

Customer loyalty

Boost customer loyalty through Atomic’s income smoothing solution. Research has shown that consumers take advantage of EWA benefits between 1 and 4 times per month, providing an easy opportunity for product use expansion across the user base, all while growing direct deposit acquisition.

Data availability

Easily calculate earned wages within a given paycycle through Atomic’s access to both payroll history and time and attendance data. Our technology makes it easy to protect both consumers and your business from over extension by removing the guesswork.

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