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Improving Conversion Rates with AI-Powered Authentication

The Problem

Authentication with HRIS and payroll systems can be a cumbersome process, with constant changes to authentication processes leading to service disruption. This disruption can result in significant development time for updating integrations and frustration for users.

The Solution

Atomic’s SmartAuth addresses this challenge by using AI to dynamically course correct to maintain system connectivity, resulting in faster, more efficient, and seamless authentication. With SmartAuth’s real-time adaptations to changes in payroll sign-in processes, users can enjoy an increased rate of successful authentication.

The SmartAuth Advantage

Revolutionizing payroll connectivity with accurate, advanced and scalable artificial intelligence

How It Works

SmartAuth uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to review authentication integration immediately, eliminating the need for engineers to update code and end users can enjoy a hassle-free experience without disruption.


Detects which flows are needed to authenticate


Analyzes the authentication process for changes over time


Adapts Atomic’s integrations in real time


A seamless authentication experience increases conversions

“With SmartAuth, we can now offer our customers a truly seamless and hassle-free authentication experience, while reducing development time and increasing scalability. In some places we’ve seen conversion rates in the range of 2-3x improvement by leveraging AI to help us provide consumers with access to their own data.”

Jordan Wright, Co-founder and CEO of Atomic

The SmartAuth Advantage


Always reliable, no down-time even with authentication process changes


Dynamically course corrects in real time to ensure a seamless user experience


Continues optimizing over time to become more efficient


Increased conversion rates of successful authentications


Allows access to alternate flows, such as in-app password reset


Continually expands our network of SMB integrations

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