Transforming Financial Institutions and Empowering Consumers

PayLink enables connectivity to merchant accounts, streaming services, and recurring bill pay to update payment methods and manage subscriptions.

How PayLink works

PayLink uses user-permissioned access to merchants and service providers to securely update, change, and optimize subscriptions and recurring payments directly within their financial institution’s app.

The Purpose

Unlock seamless bank transitions, increase interchange revenue, and heighten security with PayLink—your one-stop solution for aligning with CFPB's open banking vision and gaining account primacy.

“PayLink is revolutionizing financial institutions’ operations by offering a unified solution that accelerates account primacy through streamlining direct deposits and payment switching, making Atomic the top choice for consumers’ banking needs.”

Scott Weinert
Co-Founder and CTO, Atomic

Put PayLink to work for you

Leverage the PayLink solution from Atomic to securely update payment methods directly in your mobile app.

Financial Institutions

PayLink empowers traditional banks and credit unions to accelerate the path to primary customer status. By offering a streamlined solution for direct deposits, payment method switching, and subscription management, financial institutions can expedite new account opening and utilization. This boosts card interchange revenue and fosters long-term account retention through an enhanced user experience.

NeoBanks and Fintechs

PayLink serves as an accelerator for capturing market share. It enhances customer loyalty by simplifying the transition of recurring payments all while keeping the customer in control of their data. This translates to quicker customer onboarding and a more competitive edge in a crowded market.

Credit Card Issuers

PayLink is a game-changer for credit card companies aiming for immediate card utilization. The platform allows users to shift all their recurring payments to a new card in one single session, directly within the issuer's app. This not only accelerates card adoption but also positions the card as the go-to payment method for ongoing transactions.

Industry Partners

PayLink provides industry partners with a suite of cutting-edge solutions that align with regulatory pushes towards open banking. Partners can utilize the PayLink technology directly in their apps or resell to their customers. Promoting industry-wide solutions that bolster security, increase user control, and drive market competition.

  • Authentication Compatibility
  • Seamless Experience
  • User-Centric Approach
  • Secure Credentials
  • On-device Authentication
  • Biometric Enabled

Why companies love partnering with Atomic​


Proprietary software that allows users to authenticate directly on their devices.


Atomic utilizes machine learning to constantly refine our technology to improve conversion.


Atomic completes thousands of connections every day with proven ability to support growing traffic.

Low-code Solution

Designed by developers for developers. Implement Atomic in hours and days, not weeks and months.

Consumer and Employer Access

Connect with either consumer or employer-permissioned data access.

Read and Write Data

Real-time access to read and write company wide and individual payroll, benefits, and merchant data.

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