Leverage payroll system data with Atomic’s UserLink

The trusted connectivity solution to seamlessly connect and update user data across payroll systems through a single API

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Atomic seamlessly provides the access you need to push and pull any data between two systems.

Read and Write Data

Atomic’s UserLink simplifies complicated payroll integrations with a suite of API solutions to connect any software system directly to  Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS). The infrastructure connects consumers to their financial data, automates set-up and updating of direct deposits, digitizes income and employment verifications, facilitates repayment of financial obligations from paychecks, provides access to earned but unpaid wages, and the ability to tap into tax filing advantages.


The Purpose

UserLink is a suite of solutions that allow consumers to permission access directly to their payroll data.

Why companies love partnering with Atomic​


Atomic completes thousands of connections every day with proven ability to support growing traffic.

Machine Learning

Atomic utilizes machine learning to constantly refine our technology to improve conversion.

Low-code Solution

Designed by developers for developers. Implement Atomic in hours and days, not weeks and months.

Consumer and Employer Access

Connect with either consumer or employer permissioned data access.


Proprietary software that creates a direct connection between the user’s device and the payroll system.

Read and Write Data

Real-time access to read and write company wide and individual payroll, benefits and HRIS data.

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