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Feb 28, 2024 / 3 min read

How Spruce by H&R Block uses Atomic to increase direct deposits

Atomic’s direct deposit switching technology was developed with a focus on creating simple and effective user-centric designs. In this Insights post, we’re breaking down the customer journey of switching a payroll direct deposit with Atomic inside the Spruce mobile banking app experience: 

Move Money
A quick, front and center, way for customers to know where to manage their money including their direct deposit from paychecks. By the strategic placement in-app, Spruce is highlighting the key elements to increase primacy status –  direct deposits and payments. 


Money In and Money Out
Having both money coming in and coming out of an account is critical to become the primary banking relationship. By simplifying this feature for the customer in one place inside the app increases conversion.


Direct Deposits
Spruce further incentivizes switching direct deposit by allowing customers to get paid “up to 2 days earlier*.” With early access to funds, consumers have more control over your money and where it goes.


Who pays you?
Simplify and customize your direct deposit effortlessly with the click of a button, using the streamlined Atomic Deposit flow. The Atomic search screen sets the benchmark for providing users with an exceptional experience focused on maximizing conversions.


Customer Authentication
Through the Atomic flow, customers can easily authenticate themselves with their payroll provider. Our TrueAuth technology takes it a step farther by enabling customers to authenticate directly on their mobile device, eliminating the need to share their credentials.


The direct deposit has been successfully switched to the new financial institution in just a few simple steps!


Providing Ultimate Flexibility
Spruce prioritizes providing their customers with maximum flexibility. This includes giving their customers the power to choose how much of their direct deposit they want to switch to Spruce. This fractional deposit feature is available within the Atomic Deposit flow. It’s up to each financial institution if they want to enable fractional deposits for their customers.


Supporting Multiple Incomes
Using Atomic’s webhooks, Spruce is able to display to the customer their current direct deposits. This is especially helpful for customers who have more than one source of income.


Manual Options
If a customer prefers the manual option, they simply click on “set up manual deposit” to generate a PDF with their routing and account numbers included. This pdf can be downloaded from the app, or emailed, to then be passed along to the hr department. This manual process means that every person will have the option to complete their direct deposit switch (some call this 100% coverage 😉 ). 


Email Confirmation
Webhook data is also used by Spruce to send a verification email that the direct deposit switch was successfully completed. This email also provides another touch point where Spruce can promote additional offerings.


By seamlessly integrating Atomic’s technology for digital direct deposit switching, Spruce** is not only elevating the online banking experience, but also prioritizing a superior journey for their customers. Are you ready to see how Atomic would look in your online or mobile banking solution? Request a Demo today. 


* Early access depends on when payment is submitted. Funds are generally made available when payment instruction is received, which may be earlier than scheduled payment date. 

** Spruce fintech platform is built by H&R Block, which is not a bank. Spruce℠ Spending and Savings Accounts established at, and debit card issued by, Pathward®, N.A., Member FDIC, pursuant to license by Mastercard®. Mastercard and the circles design are registered trademarks of Mastercard International Incorporated.