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The problems Deposit solves

Direct deposits are a major driver of account growth and profitability.

However, switching them to a new financial services provider is a hassle for both employees and providers.

The experience is high-friction, dated, and a risk for manual errors or fraud.

Search for employer or payroll provider
Connect and log in to payroll portal
Securely verify credentials

Our solution

Deposit allows your customers to connect their payroll accounts to any financial institution – anytime, anywhere.

Setting up and switching direct deposits accounts is seamless, secure, and verified in real-time. Customers can complete the process in seconds rather than waiting multiple pay cycles.

Customer benefits

Remove the friction, manual processes, and risk of errors or fraud, among other features


Allow users to choose between a fixed amount or a percentage when setting up new paycheck distributions. Customers use fractional deposit to give users more choices to try new financial products and to boost account engagement beyond checking to savings, loans, and more.


Behind Atomic’s clean interface is an interconnected map of millions of permutations of employer and payroll provider relationships. Atomic uses advanced machine learning techniques to scale to over 1.7 million consumer instances a month.

In Branch

The Atomic SDK can be easily embedded into any platform including in-branch software and teller platforms allowing for secure, reliable direct deposit switching without manual input.


Atomic’s proprietary Uplink solution provides the same amazing experience on a mobile device from anywhere in the world, including in branch, to create a full omnichannel experience.


By using payroll connectors, Deposit removes artificial barriers limiting customers who want to setup or update direct deposit flows while increasing the rate bank accounts are linked to a primary funding source.


Direct integrations add a layer of trust to the customer experience because user journeys align with recognizable financial brands while our searchable database of employer and payroll connectors gives them full control over authenticating.

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