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Sep 6, 2022 / 2 min read

Tap into +32% authentication rate gains through Uplink

In February, Atomic launched the first payroll connectivity solution to offer secure delegated access. We call it Uplink. Uplink allows users to grant permissioned access to their payroll data to a third party, without sharing credentials.

We were curious how Uplink would affect our conversion rate, and are pleased to announce the largest single gain in authentication conversion rate we’ve achieved since the founding of our company.

During our A/B testing period of Uplink, the results show that users are +32% more likely to authenticate successfully via Uplink when compared to traditional approaches. These statistically significant gains have so far held strong with the largest payroll systems, and with significant scale.

Hey, we’ve seen you before

Designed to connect a user directly to their payroll system, Uplink removes Atomic’s infrastructure as an intermediary connection. An unsurprising pattern is that most payroll systems instantly recognize the user’s device fingerprint when connecting through Uplink. This fingerprint recognition reduces authentication friction, including security challenges that would otherwise be imposed on an unfamiliar device.

No more first-timers

Although we’ve meticulously refined our authentication experience, it is difficult to compete with the familiarity and trust conveyed by the payroll system’s native login experience. During UX iterations, we’ve seen a pattern of conversion gains through the incorporation of familiar experiences. For example, we noticed a similar outcome when testing our new search experience that leverages familiarity. It is likely that users have seen this authentication many times before entering the Atomic flow, and instinctively know what to do even as a first-timer.

Get more out of Atomic

The most private, secure, and highest converting authentication experience is here, and only through Atomic. With an innovative approach that challenges the local maximum, we’re thrilled to see there is a better way to empower people through payroll connectivity. Already a customer? Uplink is already available if you’ve implemented the native Transact SDK. Contact your CSM to unlock this superpower.

Uplink in action
Uplink in action, using the payroll system’s native authentication.

You’re going to love what’s next

Previously unavailable to the market, highly impactful systems will be launched through the one and only, Uplink. This is one way Atomic is expanding our impact and fulfilling our company mission. This is just the beginning. Stay tuned!