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The problems Verify solves

Confirming income and employment information is essential to qualify customers for credit and other financial services, but getting information from employers is time-consuming and costly. The process invites the risk of fraud.

Search for employer or payroll provider
Connect and log in to payroll portal
Securely verify credentials

Our solution

By allowing customers to connect their payroll accounts to your application with Atomic, you can obtain quick, complete and reliable income and employment data in real-time, whether their income is from gig work, government benefits or traditional employment.


Customer benefits

Remove the friction, manual processes, and risk of errors or fraud

Faster processing

Verify handles data formatting, standardizing, analyzing and can derive missing values to capture a comprehensive snapshot of the borrower’s income and employment history where available. With more comprehensive data, loan processors can save time collecting and analyzing data from disparate sources.

Bigger borrower pool

Grow your pool of qualified approvals by accurately assessing creditworthiness of “thin file” customers. Qualify previously denied customers through verified employment data direct from the employer.

Mitigate fraud

Verify collects data directly from the source payroll and HR systems. Higher fidelity data, customers can reduce the risk of fraudulent application and manual human errors that commonly occur in standard paper-based verifications.

Higher applicant conversions

Drive higher conversion rates across the application funnel by leveraging real-time access to verification data to make the qualification process quicker for customers and keeping them actively engaged from start to submission.

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