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The problems Manage solves

A major friction point for consumers when switching their primary banking relationships is identifying and updating the payment information on file at existing merchants and billers. Many will get overwhelmed with the process and abandon their new account or card resulting in a ghost account or long time between opening and activation.

Select subscriptions to update
Securely connect directly on device
Modify, cancel and optimize

Our solution

Atomic’s PayLink Manage simplifies the subscription management process by allowing consumers to efficiently manage, modify and optimize their recurring payments and subscriptions directly within their banking app. This leads to more frequent and valuable banking interactions, improving the entire customer relationship. This increase in interactions also helps ensure that their primary bank is top of mind when they need to open a new account, take out a loan, or apply for a new credit card..

Customer benefits

Real-time changes, cancelations and optimizations of subscriptions and recurring payment with Atomic’s PayLink Manage.

TrueAuth Innovation

TrueAuth lets users improve their authentication experience by directly connecting to a service provider from their device without sharing credentials. This approach lets them connect to subscription services seamlessly by using the authentication methods they normally use, such as biometrics, password keepers, and autofill.

User Experience

PayLink Manage lets users quickly see all recurring payments and make changes without leaving their financial institution’s or fintech’s app. They can quickly move between subscriptions, see their payment options, and update payments or plans in real time.

Easy Implementation

All Atomic products use Transact SDK, which makes it easy to incorporate Atomic’s technology into the app of a financial institution or fintech. This simplifies implementation and accelerates onboarding, letting you take care of due diligence and the vendor RFP processes just one time.

Customer Retention

Most consumers only sign in to their financial institution’s app to check their account balance. With PayLink Manage, FIs and fintechs can provide more benefits to their customers, thereby increasing engagement, building trust, and improving retention.

Proven Success

Atomic is an industry leader in providing embedded financial connectivity solutions. PayLink Manage was designed based on customer input, market research, and by building on the success we’ve experienced with our other products.

Complete Solution

Provide a fully connected financial services experience by using Atomic’s full range of products. End users can update their direct deposit, switch payment methods, and view and manage subscriptions all within the same app.

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