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Jul 13, 2023 / 2 min read

Atomic and eCU Technology Partner to Bring Automated Direct Deposit Switching to Credit Unions

We are thrilled to announce our partnership with eCU Technology, a leading provider of innovative solutions for credit unions. This collaboration marks a significant milestone in modernizing the banking experience for credit union members, empowering them to have unprecedented control over their financial transactions.

Our joint efforts are focused on introducing a seamless and user-friendly account onboarding experience that streamlines the process of switching payroll deposit accounts. With unmatched convenience and ease, credit union members can now effortlessly manage their financial needs like never before.

eCU Technology places a strong emphasis on continuously enhancing its new account opening platform by delivering exceptional value. In response to customer feedback and the growing demand for automated direct deposit switching, eCU Technology evaluated the market and selected Atomic based on its reputation and proven track record with clients. The affordability offered by Atomic played a crucial role in eCU Technology’s decision, enabling their clients to access high-quality direct deposit switching services without significant investments in infrastructure or API development. 

“eCU Technology is excited to partner with Atomic to empower our clients to grow core deposits through the automated direct deposit switching offered by Atomic. By pairing our account origination technology with Atomics’ automated direct deposit switching, it is now possible for a consumer to have a fully-funded account on the core banking system with their direct deposit switched to their new account in less than 3 minutes without the credit union lifting a finger,” said Matthew Downing, President eCU Technology.

With the integration of automated direct deposit switching capabilities into eCU Technology’s platform, credit union members can now enjoy unparalleled convenience and control over their financial transactions. This strategic advancement marks a milestone in the journey towards modernizing financial services and delivering innovative solutions tailored to the unique needs of credit unions.

“We are dedicated to helping financial institutions of all sizes thrive. Through partnerships like this, we are able to bring the same technology the top financial institutions in the United States are using to local and regional credit unions. We look forward to this collaboration with eCU Technology, as we work together to provide competitive and cutting-edge financial solutions,” said Jordan Wright, Co-founder and CEO at Atomic.

To learn more about this partnership, you can read the full press release on Business Wire here.