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Aug 23, 2022 / 3 min read

August Product Update

This month, Atomic focused on improving the end-user experience and strategic coverage.

Expanded Strategic Coverage

To further increase conversion and expand coverage, we’ve added approximately 1,000 new high-impact companies (or companies that contribute to a higher rate of conversion); and there’s more to come. Our aim is to continue targeting high-impact companies that use payroll providers like Workday and UltiPro.


Improved Search

Atomic users are predominantly on a mobile device. It’s common for these users to interact with their work accounts frequently using one or more apps. By leveraging familiarity, we created a search experience that mimics the user’s day-to-day experience, even down to the app icons they’ll regularly see on their device’s home screen.

With this iteration, our A/B test is indicating a 6% increase to search conversion, and a 14% increase through the full funnel of completing a transaction.

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Improving Fractional Success

Atomic has been iterating and tuning the logic for setting up partial payroll distributions to improve conversion. We have seen success as the post-authentication conversion rate for partial setups has gone from 55% in June to over 65% thus far in August. To improve this conversion even further, we will begin rolling out a redesign of the Confirm Distribution page for users who have multiple accounts on file with their payroll. 



Supporting Returning Users

Given that each payroll system and company has processes and workflows in place, the timing around when a direct deposit change will apply is difficult to estimate. Additionally, most users are unaware that their direct deposit settings are locked in for their upcoming paycheck as soon as payroll is run, which can be up to 5 days prior to paychecks being sent out.

As a result, Atomic has recognized a pattern where users return through our SDK assuming their change was unsuccessful if it did not process in time for the next payday. To help eliminate confusion and create assurance that the update was successful, Atomic is launching a new feature to provide returning users with a summary of their previous activity through Atomic along with expectations around effective dates. When the feature is enabled, a user who has previously completed or has had a prior unsuccessful deposit update will first be routed to a summary page of their past history. From the summary page, they can review previous deposit allocations and choose to link any additional sources of income.


Improved Accessibility

At Atomic, accessibility has remained a major focus. Improvements to the user experience by way of better focus indicators, option selectors, and minimum contrast ratios are just a few of the upgrades we’ve made to increase the usability of our tools for as many people as possible. We’ve also added automations in the backend to ensure that as we iterate and build, accessibility coverage remains high.


Emulator 2.0 in Console

Many customers requested that we modify specific phrases in the Transact UI. We heard you—and took it to the next level: we’ve totally overhauled the Emulator experience. Now you can customize many phrases in Transact and also view a running list of the events triggered throughout the flow. By changing the way phrases are stored in our backend system, we’ve made it possible to tailor the end-user experience to precisely suit your business needs. We have plans to add more phrases over time for even greater customization.

Additionally, with the updated Events panel, your development team can leverage every action triggered by Transact. You’ll gain better visibility into your users and be able to react to every outcome, empowering you to own the end-to-end experience.


Thank you for reading about our latest product updates, we will be back soon with more. To get in touch with our team, customers can reach out directly in Slack or request a meeting here.