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Aug 5, 2022 / 3 min read

Atomic Awarded 2022 “Best Banking Transaction Solution” by FinTech Breakthrough Awards

In its sixth annual running, the FinTech Breakthrough Awards named Atomic the “Best Banking Transaction Solution” for 2022. The competition was formidable. With over 26,000 fintech companies spanning the globe, we are humbled to be recognized.

Building Atomic financial infrastructure

Atomic was founded in August 2019 by co-founders Jordan Wright and Scott Weinart with a vision of unlocking better financial outcomes for consumers by streamlining access to their paycheck and data in their employers’ payroll accounts.

“We are humbled to be acknowledged among technology leaders, partners and Atomic customers. This is an incredible milestone for our company and recognition of our team’s hard work creating fairer financial services for all Americans.”

—Jordan Wright, Co-founder and CEO of Atomic


The paycheck is a rich store of a consumer’s financial data. However, many often neglect to streamline access to payroll data in favor of legacy processes that strip authority from consumers. Because of this, they are at the mercy of external agencies that define their creditworthiness.

In our mission to build more on-ramps to financial services for all consumers, including those often cast to the periphery, we aim to re-channel the focus to paychecks – a reliable indicator of consumers’ true buying powers and their ability to fulfill financial obligations.

By automating direct deposit switching and empowering consumer-permissioned access to the ensuing stream of payroll data, our aim is for payroll data to be the ultimate authority in validating consumers’ purchasing power and payment capacity to lenders. Thus, reimagined this way, the future can unleash a host of services to all consumers. This is including those traditionally blocked from accessing a comprehensive range of financial solutions and opportunities.

Why customer centricity is a core value at Atomic

With an eye toward rebuilding financial infrastructure, we partner with fintech and financial institutions across every stage of their business. Besides partnering with traditional banks, we also partner with disrupter neobanks to credit unions. Moreover, in the past three years, we’ve won the trust and confidence of several reputed names in the industry. Names like Dave, Propel, Coinbase, and Welcome Tech, are among more than 115 financial institutions and technology partners comprise our client roster. Additionally, our partnership has provided clients with access to millions of consumer direct deposits – a significant opportunity considering that over 80% of employees receive payment via direct deposit.

Most notably, we’ve maintained 100% retention of all clients who have signed up with Atomic. The validation of our efforts by the FinTech Breakthrough Awards makes us proud to see that our vision and achievements are gaining recognition on a more global scale.

What the FinTech Breakthrough Awards are all about

The FinTech Breakthrough Awards are a trusted name in the fintech space. Specifically, the awards are known for their thorough analysis and sharp pulse on fintech companies spanning the world. In an increasingly saturated industry, the FinTech Breakthrough Awards aim to spotlight the most cutting-edge and groundbreaking solutions, products, and companies in the market.

The 2022 competition included almost 4,000 nominations, with names such as Mastercard, Fiserve, Charles Schwab, BNY Mellon, Experian and First Citizens Bank emerging as winners in various categories.

At Atomic, we’re grateful to have been considered among some of the best and brightest, and honored to have made the cut as we continue to disrupt and reshape the payroll landscape for the betterment of all consumers.

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