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Aug 16, 2021 / 1 min read

Why passion, persistence, and pivoting, are the triple threat for a career in fintech

How did you break into fintech? 

There are plenty of podcasts where, when asked this question, guests cite being lucky as the source of their big break in fintech.

To give jobseekers looking for more actionable advice, we sat down with NYC Fintech Women to share frameworks, failures, and how to find career champions, among other insights learned while pivoting from internal audit to fintech.

As a startup actively hiring in one of the most competitive job markets, luck is not why candidates pick Atomic and personally, it is not why I did, as I shared on the latest episode of the Talk of Her Town Podcast episode.


Our conversation also touched on my career decision framework, that I previously unpacked in a Fintech Female Friday Interview with the NYC Fintech Women in December 2019. While my framework has evolved over the course of my career, persistence, patience, and embracing pivots are still among the most important qualities for breaking in and sustaining a career in fintech.

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