Unlock year-round tax refunds and sync W-2 withholdings

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The problems Access solves

To avoid IRS penalties, consumers err on the side of over-withholding taxes from their paychecks, essentially giving the government interest-free loans until the refunds arrive.

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Our solution

Atomic has partnered with tax services firms and self-service platforms to help workers set up more precise withholding amounts and get more of their money on payday to save and invest, keep up with their obligations, or spend at their discretion.

Customer benefits

Remove the friction, manual processes, and risk of errors or fraud, among other features

Faster filings

Make taxes easier for filers with fluid access to W-2 and 1099 data or PDF. By replacing manual document collection processes customers can file faster and are at lower risk of dropping off before completion.


Enable customers to digitally set up and update withholdings quickly with read and write access to payroll and HR systems. By making it simpler for customers to access tax documents directly, they no longer need to search through confusing employer portals or wait for HR to process requests.

Financial wellness

Improve customers' financial wellness by simplifying the taxing processes of calculating withholdings, gathering tax documents, and filing with Access.


Help customers prepare for tax season with confidence and eliminate customer surprises by providing predictive insights into taxes owed or refund estimates.

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