What is an API Payroll Solution?

The emerging need for an API payroll solution stems from the fact that until recently, it has been nearly impossible for service providers and consumers to access payroll data. 

This hidden data functions as a key, and often overlooked, piece of consumer credit history. 

Why is this an issue?

The inaccessibility undermines the consumer’s right to use their data for their own financial benefit and financial mobility. 

Additionally, switching direct deposit and verifying employment or income has been a cumbersome manual process which leaves room for human error and long wait times. 

How can an API payroll solution help?

As online and digitized solutions grow, there have been exciting developments in both consumer data rights and fintech infrastructure, including payroll connectivity solutions. 

API’s are emerging which, through credentialed permission, allow apps and services to seamlessly and securely connect directly to a consumer’s payroll account.

This gives companies insight into consumer data such as total annual income, pay cycle, years of employment, digital pay stubs, W2’s and hours worked.

Why choose Atomic’s API payroll solution?

Atomic is one of the leading API payroll solutions on the market. 

Our connectivity enables service providers to switch direct deposit and verify income and employment in real time. 

By mapping some of the largest payroll providers, such as ADP, PayChex and Workday, Atomic’s API payroll solution currently covers between 50-60% of the US workforce, including government and gig economy workers. 

Accessing this data allows for a wider range of services, better rates, and quicker decision making for both the consumer and service provider.

If you would like to learn more about Atomic’s API payroll solution, get in touch by filling out the contact form at the bottom of this page or request a demo today.