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Mar 10, 2023 / 2 min read

Atomic’s new EmployerLink solution drives major competitive advantage for Earned Wage Access Providers

In November, we announced the launch of our EmployerLink solutions suite, marking the expansion of our solutions beyond consumer-permissioned access to support connectivity for employer and human resource administrative systems. Today we unveiled new capabilities—providing a powerful infrastructure for Earned Wage Access (EWA) solutions. Through employer permissioned access into payroll and Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS), companies can implement a fully automated secure, scalable solution to give workers access to their earned, but unpaid wages when they need it most. Below are a few highlights from the press release from our announcement on Business Wire.

Employers are increasingly turning to EWA benefits. 76% of surveyed employees across all age, education, and income levels said it was important for their employer to offer EWA (ADP Study, 2022). By utilizing Atomic’s SDK, EWA providers can simplify integrations with payroll and time and attendance systems making it possible to onboard businesses in days, instead of weeks or months. Atomic’s unique combination of employer and user permissioned payroll access allows EWA providers to maintain relationships directly with consumers, even when they switch jobs.

“Everyday, people’s wages are being kept from them until payday. We need to change this cycle. Bringing closer alignment between when wages are earned and paid allows for more financial liquidity,” said Jordan Wright, CEO and Co-Founder of Atomic. “Early access to paychecks puts the power of the paycheck back into the consumer’s hands.”

The EmployerLink EWA solution is a powerful and scalable tool that eliminates the need to build integrations with each payroll provider. Atomic’s software development kit (SDK) provides instant access to our entire network of connections, giving EWA providers the ability to conveniently expand enrollment in programs using Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS) data to validate hours worked in a given pay period and avoid overextension.

The reduced time to market, enhanced data security, and developer friendly SDK allows EWA  companies to focus on what matters. A convenient interface makes it easy for employers to connect their HRIS and time and attendance systems without having to set up complicated software infrastructure and involve IT teams.

“By leveraging Atomic’s EmployerLink, businesses can now access and manage their data with unprecedented speed and efficiency, revolutionizing the way they are able to sync their HRIS, time and attendance, and other software,” Andrea Martone, Head of Product at Atomic.

To learn more about our Earned Wage Access solution visit our solutions page or book time with our team here.