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Immigrants, we get the fintech jobs done

This week Lindsay Davis, Head of Markets at Atomic, Zach Anderson Pettet, Head of Partnerships at Bond, and Amir Hemmat, co-founder and CEO at Welcome Tech, caught up on to discuss the two firm’s recently announced partnership. You can read the full release here and for the inspiration behind the title and any Hamilton fans.

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The conversation covers:

  • The news: Atomic and Welcome Tech partnership
  • Amir’s background for listeners and how you and Raul realized financial access for the Hispanic immigrant demographic was a problem
    • Raised $50 million total including recently announcing the Series B
    • Crossed 9 million community members and on pace to top 3 million accounts in 2021
  • What was the inspiration behind Welcome Tech’s founding and what problem do you sole
    • How did that change during COVID-19
  • How has COVID-19 affected Welcome Tech’s customers and the business
    • Why 2021 the time to launch bank accounts for immigrant communities
  • Why Big bank’s congressional hearings and why the initiatives from Wells Fargo and JP Morgan to close financial inclusion gaps are not enough
  • What’s next and how to get in touch with Amir

Welcome Tech is the largest neobank focused exclusively on the needs of the Hispanic immigrant population. Welcome Tech has helped nearly 3 million account holders and 9 million community members access financial services.

One of the biggest pain points for the community is access fairly priced digital financial services. By digitizing a cash heavy population with Atomic’s payroll APIs, Welcome Tech and Atomic will be able to bring bank accounts to millions of truly unbanked and underserved consumers.

Read more about Atomic and Welcome Tech’s partnership in our Case Study.

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