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Aug 1, 2022 / 3 min read

MOCA Financial, powered by Visa, partners with Atomic

The next-generation payments platform provider teams up with Atomic to power automated direct deposit acquisition for customers

MOCA Financial, a digital, card-based payments platform provider powered by Visa, understands the significance of direct deposits. Earlier this year, the company announced a decision to integrate a payroll connectivity solution to empower a segment of its client base with access to payroll data –and it chose Atomic to make it happen.

Leveraging our APIs, MOCA aims to deliver big advantages, including driving a boost in direct deposit streams for clients with little to no lift required.

 “It makes sense that we would partner with Atomic to enable our clients to capture more payroll direct deposits, more debit card transactions, and more of the accompanying interchange revenue.”

– John Burns, CEO of MOCA

About MOCA

Headquartered in Bastrop, Texas, MOCA is a next-generation card-based payment platform powered by Visa. With over 125 years of industry experience, the company was founded by veterans of the financial services and payment industries. Many of its leaders were also formerly affiliated with some of the largest names and agencies in the industry, such as Visa, Kasasa and the U.S. Treasury, among others.

MOCA predominantly serves four categories of clients: day-to-day consumers, businesses, fintechs, and financial institutions. For financial institutions, MOCA’s aim is to deliver innovative fintech solutions.

How Atomic makes a difference

For financial institutions, a steady deposit stream is key to profitability. According to The Financial Brand,  a traditional bank needs around $25 million in deposits to break even. If banks have the capability to automate the deposit process for hundreds of thousands of customer accounts, the potential is enormous.

With our solution, banks can achieve that level of granular reach, presenting a prime opportunity to augment the profitability of each and every account. According to the American Payroll Association’s 2020 Getting Paid in America Survey, approximately 94% of respondents said they receive payment via direct deposit, demonstrating the massive potential available to financial institutions.

But deposit streams present much more than an opportunity to capitalize on funds. They’re an avenue for financial institutions to deepen relationships by increasing client loyalty. Deposits translate to opportunities for debit transactions, bill pay, and potential interchange revenue, among others. The more transactions customers conduct from a single financial institution, the more reliant they become on a banking relationship.

Benefits for MOCA and its customers

MOCA’s goal is to deliver benefits to its financial institution client base, giving customers a boost in direct deposits. As a leading fintech in digitizing payroll connectivity and turning direct deposit acquisition into a turnkey, frictionless experience for end consumers, Atomic’s solution is well-tailored to MOCA’s needs.


“Atomic’s customers have seen as high as a high as a 3-4X lift on direct deposit acquisition when benchmarked to other solutions. We look forward to partnering with MOCA to help financial institutions deliver the digital-first experience their customers expect.”

– Lindsay Davis, Atomic’s Head of Markets


With our deposit solution, MOCA’s clients are in position to achieve their digital transformation goals. Customers have access to automated direct deposit switching, with funds streaming directly into client-branded MOCA accounts.

Leveraging Atomic, MOCA is on track to both attract and retain payroll direct deposits for its clients. According to CEO John Burns, payroll direct deposits are integral for financial institutions, so the demand for our deposit solution is expected to be strong.

We’re proud to partner with MOCA on its mission to provide a next-generation payments platform.

Read the full press release here: MOCA Financial Enhances its Digital-First NextGen Card-Based Payment Platform with Atomic’s Automated Direct Deposit Acquisition Solution.

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