Direct deposit receipt is a leading driver of account profitability, but updating the bank account on file is traditionally laden with friction, fraud, and manual processes.


Atomic allows users to connect their payroll account using their payroll credentials. The redirection of their direct deposit is seamless, secure, and verified in real-time.



​​Secure: ​​​Reduce your attack surface by requiring users to verify their credentials.


​Real-time: ​​​Atomic delivers a confirmation of each direct deposit update.


​Gig Compatible: ​​​Atomic even works for the gig economy (Uber, Lyft, Doordash, etc.).

we’re committed
 to security.

Security is essential to Atomic’s mission. Atomic regularly undergoes external security audits. Only strong TLS protocols are used, ensuring encrypted transmission of data. Our team has built some of the most secure banking systems in the industry. Security is in our DNA.

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