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October Product Updates

October has been all about targeted conversion wins and end-user flows. Other highlights from this month include conversion gains, configurable connectors, and fractional coverage enhancements.

Conversion Task Force

In August, we assembled a cross-functional task force of engineers, product designers, and our leadership team with a single mission – increase our conversion rate. Today, we are spotlighting the key results from the task force includings:

  • ~6% lift in top-of-funnel search conversion with machine learning (ML)
  • 32% increase in ADP authentication rates with Uplink
  • 22% increase in task completion for ADP
  • ~460 new companies added to our coverage mapping across payroll systems Workday, UKG Pro, and DailyPay

Search relevance

Search continues to play a central role in top-of-funnel conversion rates. We recognized that we could improve the efficacy of our search using machine learning to surface the most relevant results according to historical patterns.

Our team built out tooling to measure search inputs for a user session and trained a machine learning algorithm to identify the most relevant search results. In A/B tests, these changes yielded a top-of-funnel conversion bump of nearly 6%.

Image of conversion % increases. 2.9% search conversion, 4.5% auth attempt, 5.8% full funnel completion


Our proprietary Uplink technology continues to be an absolute game changer. We’re continuing to iterate on the implementation; optimizing the stack it is built on and increasing integrations.

The task force accomplished an unprecedented increase in authentication rates and overall conversion and in moving the needle for middle-funnel authentication rates.

Read more about what Uplink can do for you in our write up here!

Introducing Uplink

Configurable connectors

Some of the highest for converting payroll providers are configurable, such as Workday and UKG. A configurable connector is one where the employer has options for setting up the integration between their employees and the provider.

  • The issue we found is: End user coverage discoverability is low. I.e. end users are not finding the correct payroll provider when they search for it.
  • The hypothesis we made: We bet that making improvements to the connector -> the company search experience would increase coverage and translate to increased conversion.
  • The result: It turns out this was correct!

We now provide a more intuitive search experience for those who select a configurable connector. Additionally, we offer the option for the user to input their organization’s ID directly where appropriate. Even though this relies on a user having access to more details; sometimes an alternate path leads to success as well.

Three screenshots of the mobile Transact SDK showing the updates to Workday.


We continue to build on the successes we’ve had with updates to the Transact SDK. This month we rolled out some of the most impactful changes to date as highlighted in the August newsletter. We also did some significant styling clean-up to the user interface and are introducing additional customization options as requested by customers.

Return user experience

Last month, we announced a new test for returning users. We are looking at 2 data points when an end user returns to the Atomic experience and is presented with a list of outstanding tasks that they had previously submitted.

  1. Do we see a downtick in the number of resubmitted tasks?
  2. Does this experience negatively impact the overall conversion rate?

We’ve been keeping a close eye on the data and are seeing a significant drop in the number of resubmitted tasks of around 20%. This is great news for customers, but we want to continue watching the conversion rates before rolling this out to a wider subset of our clients. Keep an eye out for this in next month’s product update for details on the roll out.

Screenshot of the Return User Experience in the mobile Transact SDK.

Fractional flow

In August, we partially rolled out an update for end users who utilize a payroll provider which supports splitting a direct deposit. You can read more about it in the August product update brief here.

So far, the A/B test suggests a statistically significant bump in conversion for the connectors for which the experience is rolled out. The experience has been in implementation testing for our Gusto, ADP, and ADP Workforce connectors. We are keeping a close eye on the data here and workshopping additional testing to further prove out the validity of this functionality.

Screenshots of the Fractional Direct Deposit experience in the Transact SDK

Continuing to iterate on a11y in Transact

As we highlighted in last month’s updates, accessibility remains top of mind for our team and end users. We are continuing to iterate on the bringing a11y coverage as high as feasible in the Transact SDK with new updates to button context, aria tags, and screen reader functionality.

If you want to learn more about how we’re putting accessibility front-and-center, you can read the full Insights brief here.

Atomic: building solutions that keep financial institutions’ accessibility requirements front-and-center


Customization controls and options

Customization has been a big focus for our Console application and will continue to be for the foreseeable future. We’ve got some really fun things coming out that we give a sneak peak of below and will reveal soon.

In September and early October, we released a few customer requested features:

  • Customizations for modifying the button border radius
    • precisely define how the buttons in Transact are shaped.
  • Persistence of brand color across instantiations of Transact from the Atomic Console.
    • You can still override this Console based configuration per instance of Transact with theme.brandColor as defined in our Docs
  • Improved multi-language phrase customization
    • Switch languages without leaving the context of the current phrase being edited

Refer to either of the recently released videos on these topics for more information:


Docs search

You may have saw the update that we made a major upgrade to our API docs. You can also now search across the site for content which is relevant to what you are working on. With every update to the API docs, we rebuild the search index to ensure you can find info when you need it.

We posted about it on our developer-focused Twitter account, @atomic_fi_dev. Follow, comment, and tag our handle if you want stay even more up-to-date with what we’re building for the developer community.


Last but certainly not least, we had some MAJOR announcements this month.

We recently share 2 of our latest joint announcements with our incredible partners. Now more than ever, Atomic is positioned to serve our mission of empowering the financially vulnerable. We couldn’t be more excited to work with our amazing new partners to build out the future of payroll integrations.

1. Atomic ←→ Hydrogen

Atomic and Hydrogen Partner to Help Workers Tackle Financial Stress With a Holistic Platform for Personal Finance Applications and Wellness Benefits

2. Atomic ←→ Aise

Atomic and Aise partner to further improve financial health for employees


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